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My name is Charlotte Branson. I am an Intuitive Business Coach, Personal Coach, Health & Wellness Empowerment Coach, a health & wellness passionista! My mission is to UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL…in your business, find your creativity, your passions, guide you to changes in your personal wellbeing to find the balance, joy, love of life. To empower, support and encourage YOU to work towards your optimum level of business an personal goals, health, wellness, wellbeing, integrating YOUR physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Self Love to be “just you” as you are enough! Empowering YOU to navigate your journey of transition to discover you, to find you, have balance and clarity, direction and purpose in life. Discover your passions, your truth, authenticity and self awareness. To live in this moment creating a life you love with self awareness, self acceptance, oneness, fulfilment, contentment, happiness, abundance and success in all areas of your life as rightfully you deserve all of this and more……

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New Zealand
0204 0883 073
Contact Charlotte Branson
+64 204 0883 073

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Appointments are transpiring, invigorating, empowering, focused, solution based, directional, effective, positive and encouraging you in your choices.
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Individualised Health & Wellness dietary plans for sustainable living ‘Eat Clean’….’Live Clean’….Soulful Living. All personalised to suit your body type and its functionality as we are all unique! Email your enquiry to

I have been doing Tarot Readings for 30 years all around the world. They are authentic, accurate, directional and empowering.
I have a 95% call back rate and referrals. I thank you all for your ongoing support.

YOU have found my web site for a reason so follow your intuition and allow Charlotte to tune into the window of your soul for your answers.